Check Out Gal Gadot's Sexy Yoga Outfit In This Video

Fans were raving about what they were seeing in the video...

Credit: Gal Gadot/Instagram

There's no doubt that Gal Gadot is one of the most prolific actresses in recent years, whether she's being a superhero or an international art thief. Her films have been among the biggest of all time.

Additionally, the actress keeps an active Instagram account with lots of updates about what she's up to, what she endorses, and what she's working on. The social media space gives us a peek into celebrities' lives, and Gal shared a sexy clip recently where she danced to one of her go-to food items.

Scroll down to watch the video!

The post shows her in a tight blue yoga outfit, dancing that splits to show three pictures at once. It’s a bit peculiar, but it works. This was for Goodles, a mac & cheese company Gal has been working with.

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In just a short amount of time, the post gained massive traction. Fans were raving about what they were seeing in the video, which really shouldn't be a surprise considering Gal's huge following.

In all, she is among the most-followed accounts out there. That is an impressive number, certainly, and it is a testament to how powerful a force she is when it comes to posting content on her feed.

Meanwhile, check out her sexy video below:

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