Blueface Earns Big Bucks on OnlyFans: Rapper Reveals Earnings to Date

OnlyFans is proving to be a versatile and lucrative platform for creators of all backgrounds.

Credit: Blueface/Instagram

Rapper Blueface is giving a ringing endorsement to OnlyFans, a platform where users can subscribe to content creators for a monthly fee, after revealing that he has made nearly $800,000 on the platform.

In a post on social media, Blueface shared a screenshot of his earnings statement, which showed that his total gross on the platform was listed as $798,800.26. The earnings for this month alone were listed at nearly $31,000.

Blueface's endorsement of the platform comes at a time when more and more public figures are adopting it as a way to monetize their content and connect with fans.

The rapper also announced an initiative to follow back a select group of fellow OnlyFans users to help them "get noticed" on the platform.

Credit: Blueface/Instagram

It's worth noting that Blueface's success on the platform is not just limited to his music career, as he also clarified that there is nothing wrong with showing your private parts on the platform.

This statement comes after popular rapper Iggy Azalea recently rolled out her own official account on the platform as part of her ongoing "Hotter Than Hell" project.

Overall, Blueface's endorsement of OnlyFans and the platform's growing popularity among public figures highlights the platform's potential as a valuable revenue stream for creators.

With a wide range of content available on the platform, from music to adult entertainment, OnlyFans is proving to be a versatile and lucrative platform for creators of all backgrounds.

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