Victim's Mother Speaks Out Against Golden Globe Win of Evan Peters for Portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer

She also highlighted the fact that the victims and their families never saw a cent from the production.

Credit: Evan Peters/Facebook

The mother of one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims, Tony Hughes, has expressed her anger and disappointment at the recent Golden Globe win of Evan Peters for his portrayal of the notorious serial killer in the Netflix miniseries "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story."

Speaking to TMZ, Shirley, the mother of Tony, said that Evan should have used his acceptance speech as an opportunity to pay tribute to the victims and their families, who are still suffering from the trauma caused by Jeffrey's heinous crimes.

Shirley expressed her disbelief that Evan's portrayal of Jeffrey would lead to anything positive, and said that it only adds to the grief and pain that the families of the victims have to endure, as they are constantly reminded of the tragedy through such productions.

She also criticized the way Hollywood continues to tell stories about killers and glorify them, and said that such portrayals only serve to feed the obsessions of sick individuals.

In his acceptance speech, Evan had spoken about how difficult it was to play the role of Jeffrey, and had expressed hope that something good would come out of his win and the series.

But Shirley questioned the motivation behind Evan's decision to take on the role in the first place, and said that he should have shown respect for the families still living with heartbreak from the loss of their loved ones.

She also highlighted the fact that the victims and their families never saw a cent from the production, and said that it is a shame that people can profit from their tragedy. "We go through these emotions every day," she said.

Overall, Shirley's message is clear: the victims and their families should not be forgotten, and the entertainment industry should think twice before making productions that glorify killers, as it only causes further pain to the loved ones of the victims.

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