Kate Middleton Shocks Crowd with Controversial Statement on Therapy Effectiveness During First Public Appearance Since Prince Harry's Memoir Release

"It's so important to have a range of therapies."

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Kate Middleton caused surprise during her first public appearance since Prince Harry's memoir was published, by stating that therapy is not effective for everyone.

Kate and Prince William recently visited the mental health charity Open Door in Merseyside, where Kate remarked: "Talking therapies don't work for some."

In his controversial autobiography "Spare," Harry mentions therapy multiple times and even acknowledges a group of therapists.

In the book, he asserts that his elder brother William was of the opinion that he was being manipulated by the therapist he was seeing.

Credit: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

The Duke of Sussex also states that his brother was so concerned about the content of his confidential sessions that he even requested to attend one.

William and Kate met with a group of young people at the Open Door Charity, who use art and dance to improve their mental health.

The Sun reported that Kate asked the group, "Has producing music and taking part in those workshops helped? Has it helped with your personal lives?"

One of the boys replied that using music as a tool helped him to express his emotions through something he enjoyed.

He said: "Producing music and letting out what you're feeling is better than saying it in a clinical atmosphere. I can put it into words. That was tough to explain!"

Kate responded by saying, "Talking therapies don't work for some people, they're not for everybody. It's so important to have a range of therapies."

She added that mental health has become a frequently discussed topic, but that there have often been negative connotations associated with it.

She went on to suggest that by highlighting the existence of positive spaces and experiences, the way mental health is talked about can be positively transformed.

In his book, Harry recounts that he contacted his therapist after experiencing physical assault from his brother William following a heated argument.

The Duke of Sussex asserts that his elder brother caused him visible injuries after a furious dispute regarding his wife Meghan Markle.

In a section of the book, Harry states that he immediately reached out to his therapist instead of his wife after the altercation.

Kate and William have yet to comment on any of the sensational claims made against them in the book.

During a visit to Liverpool Royal Hospital, a journalist inquired with William if he had the opportunity to read his brother's book.

William, who has been targeted by Harry in the book, did not respond to the question, and the journalist repeated, "Have you had a chance to read your brother's book, Your Royal Highness?"

Without responding to the reporter's question, William and Kate smiled and walked past him.

In the past, Harry has discussed seeking therapy to cope with the trauma of his childhood, including the loss of his mother, Princess Diana.

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