Windrick Hyeon's Photo Takes Twitter by Storm, Trends Online

Windrick Hyeon, a name that has been making rounds on social media platforms like Twitter, has taken the internet by storm with a viral photo that has been shared and liked by thousands of people.

Credit: Yuuki Kinchiku/Instagram

The photo in question is a shirtless selfie of a person wearing a mask and showing off his ripped physique. The selfie quickly gained popularity due to the person's Asian ethnicity, leading to a massive search for videos and more information about Windrick Hyeon on the internet.

However, it turns out that Windrick Hyeon is not the real name of the person in the photo. In fact, the name is made up, and the person in the photo is actually a Japanese adult content creator and student named Yuuki Kinchiku.

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He is known on Twitter as @yuuki__kinchiku and has a substantial following, with over 270k followers on Twitter, 135k followers on Instagram, and 1.4 million followers on TikTok (@yuuki__kinchiku).

Credit: Yuuki Kinchiku/Instagram

Many people were misled into thinking that Windrick Hyeon was Korean due to the Korean surname “Hyeon.” However, the name is made up, and there have been several fake accounts impersonating Yuuki Kinchiku that have been created to scam others.

The fake account @WindrickHyeon, for example, was recently created on Twitter and did not include a link in its bio, but it's most likely that the link will be added soon.

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Credit: Yuuki Kinchiku/Instagram

Yuuki Kinchiku is an accomplished adult content creator, YouTuber, and student who is pursuing a degree to become a first-class architect. He is 185cm tall and weighs 80kg, as per his Twitter bio.

On his Twitter account, Yuuki posts selfies that showcase his physique and receives hundreds of thousands of views. He also posts updates about his life as a student and an office worker, who doubles as a personal trainer.

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Credit: Yuuki Kinchiku/Instagram

In one of his tweets, he talked about failing a drawing test but being excited about studying for another year and doing his best for next year's exam. The tweet received over 1.5k likes, and the video was viewed more than 220k times.

You can follow his latest updates and videos by visiting his Twitter profile and clicking on the “Media” section.

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