Kate Middleton Skips Curtsy to King Charles, Leaving Fans Perplexed

Credit: Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram

At the recent Westminster Abbey service commemorating Commonwealth Day, Kate Middleton caused confusion among some royal fans by refraining from performing the customary curtsy to King Charles.

The incident occurred when the Princess of Wales greeted the monarch but did not follow the customary protocol of curtsying, which she usually adheres to.

According to the reports by the Cheat Sheet, the royal fans were taken aback by the unexpected breach of protocol. However, it has been revealed that there was a plausible explanation for the deviation from the norm.

Credit: Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram

As per The Mirror, it is a royal protocol that female members of the royal family must curtsy to the King and Queen Consort, but only once a day, the first time they meet them. Therefore, it is speculated that Kate had already greeted her royal in-laws earlier that day, before the official event began at 2.45 pm.

Although it is unknown how the royal family spent the morning, Kate and Prince William had traveled from Windsor to London, and it is plausible that they had already met the King and Queen Consort before the Commonwealth Day service.

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