Shawn Mendes Launches Fashion Line in Collab with Tommy Hilfiger

Credit: Shawn Mendes/Instagram

On Wednesday (March 15), Shawn Mendes unveiled his sustainable Tommy Hilfiger collaboration, Tommy X Shawn Classics Reborn, which comprises of a 28-piece capsule collection for both men and women.

The ad for the collection features Mendes' sister Aaliyah Mendes, artist/songwriter Jon Vinyl, producer Mike Sabath, artist Ahmad Cissé, author/model Maye Musk, designer Czarina Kwong, models Yvesmark Chery and Jane Pathammavong, and champion for change Deprise Lons. Fans of Mendes are thrilled to see him working with his Tommy Hilfiger family on this unique and special collection.

In a statement promoting the line, Mendes expressed his excitement and gratitude, saying, "The collection is so special to me because I was able to work with Tommy Hilfiger to co-create this range which includes these amazing, high-quality, sustainable versions of their most classic clothing items."

The collection features materials crafted from recycled textiles and Recycrom, a new dye-making technique that reprocesses fibers by turning pre-consumer factory cutting waste into a colored powder.

Mendes asks in the ad for the clothing line, "What if we could reinvent what once was tossed aside? Take it, remake it, change is always vital. There’s not better time to surround yourself with inspiration, with people who move you. With clothing made from discarded fabrics, colored with memories and reborn into new icons."

The collection was inspired by Hilfiger's take on "pre-90s prep," with an emphasis on inclusivity across four principles: Color Reborn, Materials Reborn, Self Reborn and Community Reborn.

Tommy Hilfiger himself praised Mendes for his commitment to positive change, saying, "Shawn is an impressive young man and advocate for positive change. We’re proud to partner with him and continue playing our part in creating a more responsible future of fashion."

To celebrate the global launch of the collection, Hilfiger and Mendes are hosting a series of events in London, Berlin, Milan, and Mexico City. Fans of Mendes are delighted to see him championing sustainable fashion and working with such an iconic brand to create a range of classic, sustainable pieces.

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