Petition to End Prince of Wales Title Gains Momentum as Signatures Reportedly Cross 38,000

Credit: Clarence House/Instagram

The number of signatures on a petition urging King Charles to relinquish the Prince of Wales title has exceeded 38,000, coinciding with a visit by Prince William and Kate Middleton to South Wales. The petition calls upon the monarch to renounce the title in deference to Wales, according to reports.

The petition asserts that the "Prince of Wales" title (Welsh: Tywysog Cymru) has been used since the 12th century by native Welsh princes.

The last native Prince of Wales was Llywelyn the Last, who was killed by English soldiers in 1282, and his head was subsequently displayed through the streets of London and placed on a spike at the Tower of London.

According to the petition, the title has been held solely by Englishmen since the days of Llywelyn the Last and the "rebel" Prince of Wales, Owain Glyndwr, as a symbol of domination over Wales. Even to this day, the English "Princes of Wales" have no real connection to Wales.

The petition maintains that the title is an insult to Wales and a symbol of historical oppression, implying that Wales is still a principality, thus undermining its status as a nation and a country.

Furthermore, the title has no constitutional role for Wales, which is now a devolved country with a national Parliament.

Neither the Welsh parliament nor the people of Wales were informed, much less consulted, regarding this controversial decision.

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