Jason Derulo Unveils His Debut Book 'Sing Your Name Out Loud: 15 Rules for Living Your Dream' on Social Media

Credit: Jason Derulo/Facebook

Jason Derulo has made an announcement regarding the release of his inaugural book entitled "Sing Your Name Our Loud: 15 Rules for Living Your Dream" on Facebook.

The artist shared a photograph of himself holding the book and accompanied it with a caption expressing his lifelong pursuit of a career in the music industry.

Derulo disclosed that he lived by a set of rules to increase his chances of success, such as adhering to a routine, embracing obstacles as opportunities, taking risks, and setting high standards for himself.

These guidelines were primarily focused on productivity and self-mastery, as he understood the importance of being undeniable in his craft.

Derulo revealed that he has been preparing to write this book since he was a young child with an unwavering desire to achieve stardom.

He witnessed the unwavering work ethic of his mother, who instilled a tireless work ethic in him. As a result, he started dedicating serious hours to singing and songwriting before the age of ten, fueled only by his belief in his eventual success.

Despite widespread skepticism and doubts from others, Derulo continued to persevere and work towards his goals, ultimately becoming an accomplished musician.

Derulo also shared his experience on TikTok, where he was one of the early pioneers of the platform. Through his involvement with TikTok, Derulo gained valuable insight into the creativity and hustle of a new generation of young artists, content creators, video makers, comedians, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

However, he firmly believes that creative individuals require a plan to achieve their objectives. He wrote this book to inspire and motivate others to chase down their dreams with the same level of determination that he did.

Derulo concluded his announcement by disclosing that "Sing Your Name Our Loud: 15 Rules for Living Your Dream" will be available for pre-order, with an official release date of June 27th, 2023, at all major bookstores. The audiobook version, which Derulo narrated, is also available for pre-order here.

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