Story - Inside Ciara's Strained Relationship with Step-Mom Julie

Ciara recently took to social media to share the complicated dynamic she has with her stepmom, Julie.

In her post, she revealed that her parents divorced when she was just eight years old and her younger sister was born.

Her dad, Wayne, eventually remarried Julie when Ciara was nine, but their relationship never quite reached the same level of closeness she had with her biological parents.

Despite getting along with Julie, Ciara always prioritized spending time with her mom, Fiona.

This became an issue when Julie confronted her about always choosing her mom over her, even for seemingly small things like going to a sports game or shopping for a prom dress.

Julie wanted to feel like she was also a valued member of the family, but Ciara refused to choose her stepmom over her biological mom.

The conversation ended with Julie feeling hurt and angry, and Ciara questioning whether or not she was in the wrong.

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