Story - 'I'm In Love with My Straight Best Friend'

Dore had been friends with Josh for years. They had met in college and had quickly hit it off. They had so much in common and had spent countless hours talking about everything from politics to pop culture.

Dore had always found Josh attractive, but he had never acted on those feelings. He had assumed that Josh was straight and that his crush would never be reciprocated.

However, one day, Dore found himself unable to hold back his feelings any longer. He realized that he was in love with Josh.

He didn't know how to tell him, but he knew he had to do something. He mustered up the courage to confess his love to Josh.

Josh was shocked and surprised by Dore's revelation. He had never suspected that Dore felt that way about him. Josh was straight and had never thought of Dore in a romantic way.

Josh told Dore that he needed some time to think about things and that they should take a break from their friendship for a while.

Dore was heartbroken. He had never felt so alone and abandoned. He didn't understand why Josh couldn't accept him for who he was.

Dore felt like he had made a huge mistake by confessing his love to Josh. He regretted that he had risked their friendship for the chance at something more.

After a few weeks of not hearing from Josh, Dore decided that he needed to move on. He realized that he couldn't force Josh to feel the same way he did, and he couldn't make him accept him for who he was.

Dore knew that loving Josh more than a best friend was a mistake, and he needed to learn to let go of his feelings. Dore started to focus on himself and his own interests.

He found new hobbies and started spending more time with his other friends. He began to feel more like himself again, and he realized that he didn't need Josh's validation to be happy.

After a few months, Josh reached out to Dore. He apologized for the way he had reacted and said that he missed their friendship. Dore was hesitant at first but eventually agreed to meet up with Josh.

They talked about everything that had happened and how they had both been feeling. Josh told Dore that he still cared about him, but he just couldn't reciprocate his romantic feelings.

Dore realized that he was okay with that. He had moved on and had come to terms with the fact that their friendship was more important than anything else.

Dore and Josh slowly started to rebuild their friendship. They hung out and went to movies and concerts just like they used to.

They still had a strong connection, but this time, it was purely platonic. Dore had learned a valuable lesson about love and friendship, and he knew that he would never make the same mistake again.

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