GOT7's BamBam Discusses Dating in the Workplace During an Interview

Credit: BamBam/Instagram

BamBam, a member of the K-pop group GOT7, recently shared his views on romantic relationships in the workplace during an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea.

The magazine's editor presented a subscriber's account of witnessing PDA between two colleagues who were apparently in a relationship.

BamBam opined that as long as the couple's work performance is unaffected, there should be no problem with them being in a relationship.

He stated that if the individuals are proficient at their job and maintain a healthy dating life, then it is not a matter of concern.

However, he did acknowledge that problems could arise if the relationship becomes all-consuming, leading to a decline in work performance.

In such cases, he believes that corrective measures should be taken.

On a separate note, BamBam recently released his first full-length solo album, "Sour & Sweet," on March 28th, which includes the music video for the title track.

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