Iggy Azalea to Release Non-Censored Coffee Table Book 'Hotter than Hell'

Credit: Iggy Azalea/Instagram

Iggy Azalea, the renowned rapper, has recently announced her plans to release a coffee table book, which she promises will be "non-censored."

In her latest venture, Azalea seeks to push boundaries and turn up the heat with this new project.

Azalea, who recently made waves on OnlyFans with a multi-dimensional activation comprising music and content of other varieties, has remained true to her promise of offering a diverse range of materials.

Credit: Iggy Azalea/Instagram

She revealed that the coffee table book would showcase non-censored image selects, which would be previewed on her OnlyFans page.

Titled "Hotter than Hell," the coffee table book is expected to be launched in December, and Azalea is currently in the process of making it.

The book will undoubtedly be a reflection of the rapper's daring and bold style, featuring captivating and striking imagery.

Credit: Iggy Azalea/Twitter

This latest announcement by Iggy Azalea has generated significant interest and anticipation among her fans and followers.

The book is expected to be a must-have for her fans and anyone who appreciates art, photography, and bold self-expression. We eagerly await its launch and are excited to see what Azalea has in store for us.

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