Majority of People in Wales Want Prince William and Kate Middleton's Titles Removed, Survey Shows

Credit: Prince William and Kate Middleton/Instagram

A recent survey indicates that a majority of people in Wales favor retaining the monarchy in advance of King Charles' coronation.

However, a significant percentage of those polled felt that the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales should be eliminated, according to reports.

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The poll was conducted by Lord Ashcroft, and it involved thousands of participants from 15 countries where King Charles will be the new head of state.

While the survey results in Wales were mostly supportive of the monarchy, some individuals suggested that it seemed more like an English institution than a national one.

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When asked how they would vote in a referendum on the monarchy, over half of Welsh voters stated they would vote to remain within a constitutional monarchy, while approximately 23% would vote for a republic.

Finally, the same percentage of voters indicated they were undecided or would not vote.

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