Watch: Video of Rapper Blueface Seemingly Bullying a Drunk Woman Goes Viral

Credit: Blueface/Instagram

Rapper Blueface is facing widespread criticism and backlash after a video depicting him seemingly bullying a visibly intoxicated woman at a nightclub went viral on social media.

Renowned rapper Blueface has recently found himself embroiled in a controversy that has garnered significant attention for all the wrong reasons. Following the emergence of a video capturing an incident at a nightclub, in which he appeared to be bullying an inebriated woman, Blueface has faced a deluge of severe criticism.

Recently, Blueface utilized Instagram Story as a platform to share a video showcasing his night out at the club. Within the brief clip, an individual is seen seated on a sofa, displaying signs of distress. Despite her friends' attempts to engage with her and encourage her to stand up, Blueface was recorded grabbing the woman's hair, repeatedly and with increased force.

The Instagram Story video rapidly spread to The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram page, accompanied by a caption denouncing the observed behavior as an act of bullying: "Now why is BlueFace grabbing this Woman’s Hair like this! *We do not condone bullying."

Subsequently, the comments section of the reposted video became inundated with scathing critiques of Blueface's conduct. One commentator expressed dismay, stating, "Wtf is wrong with him this is literally a start to a horrible situation." Another admonished, "Yall see he don't respect his mother what makes yall think he gonna respect any female."

The wave of condemnation did not stop there. Numerous Instagram users also highlighted Blueface's prior questionable behavior.

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