Elliot Page Opens Up About Personal Struggles, Calls for Further Action in Hollywood in New Interview

Credit: Elliot Page/Instagram

Elliot Page, the renowned actor, recently engaged in an interview with BBC's esteemed journalist, Lauren Laverne, during which he candidly delved into his personal struggles preceding his public revelation of being transgender. Additionally, Page expressed his conviction that the entertainment industry, commonly referred to as Hollywood, must undertake more extensive measures in response to the MeToo movement.

Inquired by Laverne about the transformation witnessed in Hollywood subsequent to the MeToo movement, Page articulated, "The industry has to go much further. There's been some change and more conversation, there's more representation but there's so much further to go."

Credit: Elliot Page/Instagram

Regarding the impact of his transition on his professional endeavors, the luminary, renowned for his role in the acclaimed film "Juno," disclosed, "I feel like I've reclaimed that creative life of my own and I can be creative in a way I couldn't before because my brain was occupied and devoured by an unhealthy thing - by shame and dysphoria and my discomfort."

The esteemed actor, widely recognized for his portrayal in the popular series "Umbrella Academy," further expounded, "Now I'm feeling the most embodied and confident and present and its led to so much creative force and excitement."

Furthermore, Page expressed his aspiration that his personal narrative resonates with individuals and offers them solace. "It felt like a good opportunity to use my platform to share my story as people sharing their stories has helped me so much so if it helps anyone and allows people to be seen then that means the world to me."

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