Lizzo Opens Up About the Challenges of her Friendship with Adele

Credit: Lizzo & Adele/Instagram

Lizzo, the renowned singer behind the hit song "About Damn Time," recently shared insights into the challenges that come with her friendship with fellow artist Adele.

In an interview with The Sun on Sunday, Lizzo candidly expressed how she often relied on Adele for a "fun night out," while concurrently resorting to seeking assistance from Harry Styles via text messages to decipher the perplexing British slang used by "Love Island" contestants.

Revealing the drawbacks of spending time with Adele, Lizzo acknowledged, "Adele is the best drinking buddy – she is a great friend as well but we always have so much fun when we have a night out." However, she also confessed, "The only downside is, I don’t always remember everything," lamenting the fleeting nature of the moments they share.

Furthermore, Lizzo touched upon the linguistic disparities between her American background and Adele's British roots. She admitted, "I love the British accent but even though we speak the same language, it sometimes feels worlds apart."

In a separate revelation, Lizzo disclosed her need to consult Harry Styles when watching "Love Island". She disclosed, "When I am watching Love Island – I will have to text Harry Styles and ask, 'What does don't mug me off mean?'" Her reliance on the former One Direction member showcases her determination to bridge the linguistic divide and comprehend the intricacies of British slang.

Amidst these revelations, Lizzo graced the stage at Glastonbury over the weekend, preceding the headline act of the iconic rock band Guns N' Roses. However, it is worth noting that Lizzo missed the opportunity to perform as a headliner due to her prolonged response time to the organizers' initial offer.

As Lizzo continues to navigate her friendship with Adele, she embraces the moments of joy and celebration, even if they occasionally fade from her memory. The exchange of texts with Harry Styles serves as a testament to her commitment to understanding and appreciating cultural nuances. With her recent appearance at Glastonbury, Lizzo demonstrates her dedication to delivering unforgettable performances, regardless of the logistical challenges that may arise.

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