2NE1's Sandara Park Reveals the Untold Story Behind Group's Disbandment and Reflects on Last Album

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2NE1 member Sandara Park recently revisited the group's final album and shed light on the true reasons behind their disbandment. In an appearance on "Look Me Up" on July 12th, Park shared insights about her time in 2NE1.

During the interview, Park was asked about the possibility of a 2NE1 reunion. She responded cautiously, expressing uncertainty. She explained that the reunion would be challenging due to the fact that all four members are affiliated with different entertainment companies. Additionally, Park humorously acknowledged that even if a reunion were to occur, it would likely not involve YG or Teddy, given the members' current affiliations and YG's busy schedule focusing on other artists like TREASURE and BABYMONSTER.

In relation to 2NE1's full-length album titled "Crush", Park reflected on its significance, stating, "It's my last album as 2NE1. We didn't know it would be our last, but when we recorded 'Missing You', I was like, 'Wait? Will this be our last song?'"

Park went on to explain the reasoning behind her doubts, recounting that after the release of singles like "Falling in Love" and "Do You Love Me", the company expressed that 2NE1's journey had come to an end due to their 10th place ranking on the music charts. As a team accustomed to achieving top rankings, the news was disheartening for both the members and their fans. The company decided to halt promotions, which left Park and her fellow member Park Bom feeling despondent. Park shared an emotional moment, recalling how they both shed tears in the recording studio while working on "Missing You", as its lyrics heavily focused on farewell.

However, fate took an unexpected turn when "Missing You" clinched the top spot, leading to a surge of happiness and the belief that it would not be their final song. Consequently, the revelation that it did indeed become their last album came as a profound shock.

Reflecting on the passage of time, Park remarked, "Now that time has passed, I've become brazen too. For a few years after the disbandment, I cried a lot even when I heard someone mention 2NE1. It was so severe that sometimes the recording would get stopped for a bit, but now as time went by, I can talk about it with a smile."

Sandara Park's candid remarks provide a glimpse into the bittersweet moments surrounding 2NE1's last album and the intricate circumstances that led to their disbandment.

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