Anitta Opens Up about Wild Stage Experiences and Intimate Revelations in New Interview

Credit: Anitta/Instagram

Brazilian pop sensation Anitta recently shared her encounters with a peculiar trend that has emerged during live performances where audience members throw objects at singers. In a candid interview on the talk show "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," the 30-year-old artist divulged her own experiences, which included encountering some explicit items. When asked about the most unusual item hurled onto the stage by a fan, Anitta responded, "I think... a toy? Or lube!"

During the course of the conversation, the host, Andy Cohen, was given the liberty to ask Anitta a series of risqué questions. She openly admitted to engaging in romantic encounters with fans in the past and even confessed that if she found someone captivating during a performance, she would enlist the assistance of her friends to facilitate a backstage rendezvous.

"I have this microphone so when I'm single, when I have my friends with me in the concert, we always see the hot guys, I'm like, 'Get the one with the shirt!'" Anitta recollected. She continued, "I used to be crazy, nowadays I'm chilling!"

Furthermore, Anitta disclosed her past experiences involving multiple partners in intimate settings. She mentioned an ex-partner with whom she was involved for a few months, explaining that he would orchestrate encounters with other couples. When questioned about engaging in threesomes, she candidly replied, "Yes! Three, four, five, six! I had a boyfriend that used to love to have couples together... Everyone does your own thing and then you change."

Later in the interview, Anitta was asked to share her opinion on the current "hottest male pop star in the game." She expressed her belief that there aren't many standout candidates at present but was open to suggesting a single artist who might pique her interest in the future. Playfully, she proposed, "Let me try to pick someone single so maybe in the future something happens.... Just ask the people to throw some single names."

Andy Cohen suggested John Mayer as a potential candidate, to which Anitta responded enthusiastically, stating, "Oh, that’s amazing. That’s a good name.”

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