David Beckham Urges Children to Prioritize Real Connections Over Social Media Likes

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

Former soccer star David Beckham has shared his advice with his children, encouraging them not to seek validation through social media popularity. In an interview with Emily Prescott of the Mail on Sunday, Beckham expressed his concerns about the importance placed on likes and engagement on platforms like Instagram. Despite having millions of followers themselves, Beckham's sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, have been advised by their father not to place too much emphasis on their online presence.

"I've always told my children that it's not a good thing that you get all these likes," Beckham emphasized. He wants his kids to understand that seeking popularity through social media is not the key to genuine happiness and fulfillment.

This heartfelt message from Beckham comes just days after he paid a touching tribute to his wife, Victoria, on their 24th wedding anniversary. Taking to Instagram, Beckham shared a throwback photo of the couple with two adorable puppies, captioning it with love and admiration for his wife. He referred to Victoria as the "best wife, mummy, and drinking partner," showcasing their enduring bond.

Victoria, a renowned fashion designer, also took to social media to celebrate the occasion. She shared a video from their wedding day, expressing her love for David and reminiscing about the milestone. In an interview last year, Victoria debunked the glamorous image of their wedding that was portrayed in the media. She emphasized that the day was more intimate and meaningful than it appeared, contrary to popular perception.

Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

While the couple's wedding was a high-profile event, Victoria highlighted that she values having fun and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. As a dedicated wife and mother, she strives to find joy in her everyday life, even if her lighthearted sense of humor occasionally lands her in trouble.

David Beckham's advice to his children serves as a reminder to prioritize genuine connections and real-life experiences over the fleeting validation of social media. His words carry weight, given his own immense popularity and success. By emphasizing the importance of authentic relationships, Beckham sets a positive example for his children and encourages them to find happiness beyond the realm of social media.

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