Devastated Dalton Gomez Struggles to Cope with Breakup from Ariana Grande, Remains Hopeful for Reconciliation

Credit: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Dalton Gomez appears to be struggling to cope with his breakup from Ariana Grande.

According to a source cited by US Weekly, the celebrity is deeply affected by the split, feeling devastated and emotional.

The source further revealed that Dalton had envisioned a fairy tale, happy ending with Ariana, and the current situation is far from what he had hoped for.

Despite the challenges they've faced in their relationship, Dalton remains committed to making things work with Ariana. He still sees a future with her and is determined to overcome this difficult phase.

The couple got married in 2021, but after about a year, they encountered some issues in their relationship.

It's worth noting that they were already experiencing problems before January, the source disclosed. However, both Dalton and Ariana are striving to maintain their friendship even after the separation.

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