Kesha Reveals Beyoncé's Advice and Rick Rubin's Influence in Creating 'Gag Order' Album

Credit: Kesha/Instagram

Beyoncé's profound impact on numerous individuals is well-known, but for Kesha, the music icon went beyond just being an inspiration. Kesha recently shared in an interview with WSJ Magazine that Beyoncé personally bestowed her with invaluable advice that has become a guiding principle in her life.

According to Kesha, Beyoncé once imparted this gem of wisdom: "Keep a circle of good people and weed out the snakes in your life." This advice has since become a cornerstone in Kesha's personal philosophy.

Furthermore, Kesha emphasized that another essential piece of advice she holds dear came from her collaboration with renowned record producer Rick Rubin during the creation of her latest album, "Gag Order."

Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

As Kesha recounted, Rubin told her that "art is where you put the madness." This advice resonated deeply with Kesha and contributed significantly to her creative process.

Reflecting on her experience working with Rubin on "Gag Order," Kesha described it as an exceptionally profound journey. Despite the beauty of the collaboration, she acknowledged that it was not without its challenges. Kesha vividly explained how she would delve into her emotions, metaphorically diving into the depths of her feelings, only to resurface again after fully immersing herself in the creative process.

Throughout the project, Rubin provided an incredibly safe and supportive environment for Kesha, allowing her to explore her emotions freely and offering a stable foundation from which to express herself.

Kesha's encounters with both Beyoncé and Rick Rubin have left an indelible mark on her, not only as an artist but as an individual navigating the complexities of life and the creative world.

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