Jason Derulo Encourages Artists to Take Action in Discouraging Fans from Hurling Random Objects Onstage

Credit: Jason Derulo/Instagram

Renowned musician Jason Derulo has issued a plea to fellow artists, urging them to cease the practice of taking photos on stage using fans' phones, citing the escalating dangers it poses. The widely acclaimed artist behind the chart-topping hit "Talk Dirty" believes that concert attendees have been influenced to hurl their mobile devices toward performers after witnessing other singers engage in on-stage photography. Derulo emphasizes the need to address this worrisome trend, particularly in light of recent incidents where both Bebe Rexha and Kelsea Ballerini were struck by airborne objects during their respective live performances.

Drawing from personal experiences, Jason Derulo told TMz, "I've had it happen to me. People are really into throwing their phones because they think the artist is going to take a picture, and I think artists [are] going to have to stop taking a photo. It's like the Matrix, you've gotta dodge these phones! It's getting dangerous out here."

Expressing his concerns, Derulo emphasizes that while there may be instances where concertgoers attempt to pass their phones to artists when they are in close proximity, the act of recklessly launching phones onto the stage is utterly absurd. He strongly believes that addressing this issue lies primarily in the hands of the celebrities involved, but it necessitates a broader conversation among industry stakeholders.

Moreover, Jason Derulo implores fans to recognize that such behavior is fundamentally disrespectful to their cherished artists. He asserts, "It's not a moment, you don't get anything from that, all you do is disrespect the artist."

As the music industry confronts this pressing issue, it is evident that Jason Derulo is advocating for a collective effort among artists to discourage fans from throwing objects on stage during performances. By establishing boundaries and initiating discussions, it is hoped that the safety and well-being of both artists and concert attendees can be upheld, ensuring an enjoyable and secure live music experience for all.

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