Watch: Video of Britney Spears' Encounter with Victor Wembanyama Goes Viral

Credit: Victor Wembanyama/Britney Spears/Instagram

In our previous report, we highlighted an incident involving Britney Spears and Victor Wembanyama, the notable NBA player. However, it has come to light that their respective accounts of the events leading up to the moment when Victor's security guard made physical contact with Britney differ significantly.

Recently obtained video footage from TMZ captures the scene outside Catch restaurant in Las Vegas on Wednesday night. In the video, Britney can be observed approaching Victor, audibly exclaiming, "Sir, Sir!" in a British accent.

Britney extends her hand and taps Victor on his left shoulder. It is worth noting that Victor described this action as Britney "grabbing" him, although the video does not support such a claim.

Following Britney's tap, Victor's security guard slaps her hand away, leading to incidental contact between Victor's hand and Britney's face. It is uncertain whether Victor's hand directly struck her face or if the impact caused her hand to unintentionally hit her own face.

Authorities involved in the investigation have determined that the act was not intentional but rather a reflexive swatting motion by Victor's security guard to repel Britney's hand. Although Britney's glasses were dislodged in the process, she did not fall, contrary to her earlier assertion.

Subsequent to the incident, Britney can be heard expressing her clear distress by exclaiming, still in a British accent, "That's America for you. F*** you all!" Notably, eyewitnesses report that Britney and her friends proceeded with their dinner plans, during which she appeared visibly angered.

According to reliable sources, the Metro PD has concluded its investigation and has determined that no charges will be filed against Victor's security team.

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