Britney Spears Ditches Botox for SiO Beauty Patches, Shares Positive Experience - Watch Video

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears has decided to stop using Botox because she believes the injections make her face look like she was hurt.

She talked about this on Instagram, sharing some bad experiences she had with Botox injections. She now prefers a different cosmetic treatment and is happy with the results of SiO beauty patches.

Britney used to get Botox, but it caused problems like a swollen forehead and droopy eyelids. Because of these side effects, she didn't want to go outside.

Now, she's no longer interested in spending a lot of money on Botox and is using SiO patches instead. She's satisfied with how the patches make her look and feel.

It seems like she's not promoting SiO Beauty in exchange for money, and she expressed her strong dislike for Botox.

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