Kanye West's Unpleasant Odor Raises Concerns for Wife Bianca Censori, According to Report

Credit: bianca.censori_official/Instagram

Kanye West's wife, Bianca Censori, might consider leaving him if he doesn't improve his cleanliness habits. According to a recent report, Bianca is not happy with Kanye's lack of cleanliness during their vacation.

A source told Radar Online that Kanye often wears unique outfits because he thinks they show his fashion sense and creativity. However, these outfits also help him hide some weight gain.

Unfortunately, this choice of clothing has caused a problem for his wife. When he takes off the layers of clothing, he sweats a lot and has a strong smell. This has been bothering Bianca a lot since Kanye doesn't shower much.

Another person also said the same thing. They talked about a recent photo of Kanye in Italy where he wore many layers of clothing. It's likely very hot under all those layers. Since he doesn't use deodorant much, he ends up smelling really bad.

Even Kanye's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, had a hard time dealing with his bad smell in the past. In the beginning, his unusual clothing choices were interesting, but now they just cause a bad odor. Kim eventually got used to the smell after many years, but it wasn't easy for her.

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