Controversy Erupts as Middle Eastern Nations Consider Banning 'Barbie' Movie Over Gender and Sexuality Themes

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"Barbie" is going to be shown in the Middle East starting Thursday. But there are concerns because Kuwait and Lebanon want to stop the movie from being shown. They don't like the movie's ideas about gender and sexuality.

Kuwait said the movie is promoting ideas that aren't good for their society. They didn't explain more about it. Lebanon's Culture Minister Mohammad Mortada said the movie goes against their beliefs and promotes homosexuality. He asked the General Security agency to decide if the movie should be banned.

This decision has caused problems in Lebanon. Before, Lebanon was okay with homosexuality, but now it's changing. The LGBTQ community there is facing more difficulties because of powerful religious groups and economic problems.

In the Middle East, many people think homosexuality is wrong. In some places, LGBTQ people have been arrested and sent to jail. In Iraq, they even made a rule that media can't use the word "homosexuality."

The movie "Barbie" doesn't show a lot of sexual things, but it has actors like Kate McKinnon and Hari Nef who are part of the LGBTQ community. Some LGBTQ people like the movie, but others think it's too focused on straight relationships.

"Barbie" has made a lot of money, more than $1 billion, in less than a month in other places. It's a big success for Warner Bros. The movie was led by Margot Robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig. It made more money faster than any other movie from Warner Bros.

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