Tragic Death of 15-Year-Old Student on First Day of School Shakes Frisco Community

A sad event happened in Frisco, Texas, on Wednesday morning. A 15-year-old student named Landon Bourque died on his first day of school, PEOPLE reported.

Landon was a sophomore at Frisco Heritage High School. He was crossing the road at Independence Parkway and George Washington Drive when the accident occurred. It was close to Roach Middle School and around 5:30 a.m.

The driver stopped and tried to help, but Landon didn't survive. The police are investigating this situation. We're not sure why Landon was there so early, but he played football for his school's team. Some parents mentioned that they were dropping off their kids for football practice at that time, and it was very dark outside.

A person who lives there said that the people who usually help kids cross the road hadn't arrived yet. People have been worried about safety at this crossing for a while. Some want the police to watch and stop drivers from going too fast.

Someone who didn't want to be named said, "You gotta think, that could have been your kid. That could have been your niece, your nephew, that could have been your daughter, your son, a grandson, or whatever. You've gotta slow down. You gotta slow down. I know these streets, they don't have a lot of lights and everything, but there's no reason [to be] going this fast in residential areas you know?"

The police found things from the accident at the scene, like Landon's broken bicycle and headphones. We don't know yet who caused the accident or if anyone will get in trouble.

The school district said, "Landon was a beloved member of the campus community. His loss will be felt by the Coyote family and our thoughts go out to the Bourque family and loved ones." They told parents and students about Landon's death.

Counselors will be at the school to help students who are sad about what happened. The police also said they're thinking about everyone who's affected by this tragedy.

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