Kristen Bell Stands Firm on Parenting Values, Defends Children's Non-Alcoholic Beer Choice

Credit: Kristen Bell/Instagram

Kristen Bell is making a strong stand for her parenting principles. In a recent installment of the "Armchair Expert" podcast, expertly hosted by none other than Bell's spouse, Dax Shepard, the beloved star of "The Good Place" eloquently defended her choice to allow her children to partake in nonalcoholic (NA) beer.

Bell shared that she and Shepard have encountered some criticism ever since she initially disclosed her children's unconventional beverage preference on the "Kelly Clarkson Show" back on July 24th. What Bell finds exasperating is the way this choice has been misconstrued and misunderstood.

Shepard, who has been courageously navigating a journey of sobriety over the course of several years, has consistently and candidly shared his experiences with substance recovery both within the public eye and within the confines of their family.

During the podcast episode, Bell reiterated to her husband the profound reason behind their children occasionally opting for NAs when dining out, highlighting the deeply personal connection these choices hold within the context of their family dynamic.

Their journey, underscored by Shepard's determination to overcome his past struggles, has formed a unique and genuine bond that beautifully reflects their enduring love story.

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