Lizzo Set to File Counter Lawsuit Against Ex-Dancers Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo, who is currently dealing with a lawsuit from her previous dancers claiming she harassed them, is now planning to sue them back.

This comes after new photos show the dancers enjoying themselves on stage, despite their lawsuit saying they were forced.

Crystal Williams, along with Noelle Rodriguez and Arianna Davis, have accused Lizzo of treating them badly because of their race and gender, making their work environment uncomfortable.

They also say Lizzo made them be part of degrading performances during her tour in Europe in February and March.

Lizzo has denied these claims and new pictures have come out, showing her former dancers happily backstage with other performers at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

In response to these pictures, Lizzo said, "As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. The pictures of three former dancers happily carousing backstage with other performers speak volumes."

She also mentioned a video of Arianna Davis where she says, "It has been a beautiful journey working with Lizzo." This is part of Lizzo's defense.

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