Meghan Markle Receives Cautionary Advice Over Political Ambitions Amid Rumors of US Politics Pursuit

Credit: Sussexroyal/Instagram

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has reportedly been considering a potential venture into US politics rather than pursuing a career in Hollywood. In response to this, writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue has offered cautionary advice, suggesting that such a move may not be favorable for Prince Harry's partner, according to Sky News.

Esther Krakue emphasized that Meghan Markle's current reputation primarily revolves around her marriage to a prince, with limited recognition for other accomplishments. Additionally, she expressed doubts about the potential appeal of Meghan's political image to the American public.

During an interview with host Caroline Di Russo, the royal expert conveyed that establishing a positive political image can be an arduous task. Esther Krakue offered her opinion, stating that it might not be a successful endeavor given Meghan's primary claim to fame being her marriage to Prince Harry.

Notably, this warning from Esther Krakue comes shortly after royal expert Nick Bullen also suggested that Meghan Markle is exploring opportunities in US politics, rather than pursuing a career in Hollywood. Bullen had mentioned that he received information from reliable sources indicating Meghan's ambition to secure political positions, which he believes to be a genuine aspiration for her.

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