Miley Cyrus Opens Up Emotionally About Relationship with Father Billy Ray and Nostalgic Series

Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Miley Cyrus recently got emotional and shed tears while discussing her relationship with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. The singer released a song called "Used to Be Young" and announced a show with the same name, where she talks about her past.

In the series, Miley talks about how she became famous and reminisces about her past. She became well-known when she was young by acting in the Disney show Hannah Montana alongside her dad Billy Ray, who played her on-screen father.

Things changed when her parents separated and divorced. After just four months of the divorce, Billy got engaged to Firerose, a musician who was only four years older than Miley.

A source close to the family told The Sun that this engagement caused problems between Miley and her dad, affecting their relationship. Miley became emotional while talking about her dad, comparing her childhood to his.

She said, "I grew up in a close family and was loved by them, whereas this wasn't the case with my father." She added, "The audience's love for him makes him feel special, and it's like healing his childhood wound."

An insider mentioned that Miley and her dad are no longer talking after he split from Miley's mom, Trish. But those close to them hope they'll work things out eventually.

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