Park Seo Joon's Attitude Controversy Surfaces at 'Concrete Utopia' Film Greeting Event

Credit: Park Seo Joon/Instagram

During the recent stage greeting event for his new film "Concrete Utopia," actor Park Seo Joon found himself in the midst of an attitude controversy. A post by an anonymous netizen on an exclusive media outlet gained considerable attention as it criticized Park Seo Joon's behavior during the event.

According to the netizen's account, one devoted fan prepared matching headbands for Park Seo Joon and his co-star Park Bo Young, who portrayed a couple in the film. While Park Bo Young gladly accepted the headband, Park Seo Joon seemed to imply that he had styled his hair with spray and politely declined the gift. Park Bo Young graciously acknowledged the situation and held onto the second headband meant for Park Seo Joon.

This incident sparked widespread criticism, with many expressing their disappointment in Park Seo Joon's actions, deeming them disrespectful to the fans who had come to support his new movie. The lack of fan service was a particular point of contention among critics.

Moreover, some pointed out the contrast between Park Seo Joon's willingness to wear a headband during the greeting event for his film "Dream" and his refusal at the "Concrete Utopia" event, finding it perplexing.

As this controversy continues to circulate, fans and the public alike are keen to see how Park Seo Joon and his management will respond to address the situation and ensure a positive experience for his supporters in the future.

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