Elizabeth Olsen Opens Up About Keeping Kids Out of Showbiz: 'Hard No' Before 18

Credit: @elizabetholsendaily/Instagram

Elizabeth Olsen doesn't want her future kids to become actors before they're 18, like her sisters did. She thinks her sisters are special and her decision is more about today's culture.

She explained this in an interview with The Times. Her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were child stars, but Elizabeth wants her kids to have a different path.

Elizabeth said, "Hard no. My sisters are unique so it's not a reflection on them when I say no, I think it's a reflection more on culture today."

She thinks being a child actor in today's world, especially with social media, is tough on a kid's development. Her sisters are doing well now, but it was challenging for them when they were young.

Elizabeth and her husband Robbie Arnett got married secretly before the pandemic. She keeps her personal life private and isn't on social media, even though she could be promoting things. She prefers to be known for her acting, not her celebrity status.

She hopes to have a family someday and her partner supports her work.

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