Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash for Criticizing Sister Kourtney at Harvard Interview

Credit: YouTube/Hulu

In a recent interview at Harvard University, Kim Kardashian sparked controversy with her seemingly casual remarks about her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. During the interview, which was featured on the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim referred to her pregnant sister, leading to intense criticism and accusations of jealousy.

When asked about her drive to explore new business opportunities despite her existing success, Kim responded, "I should thank Kourtney. She always harasses me for this all the time." The SKIMS founder continued, expressing her love for working and the joy she finds in successful launches.

However, these comments did not sit well with Kourtney's fans. One critic voiced their disapproval, stating, "Kim’s hatred is so apparent that she carries Kourtney around in her mind every second of the day. She can’t even enjoy her Harvard experience in peace. Shaking my head."

Another commenter found it peculiar that Kim chose to criticize her sister in a public place like Harvard, saying, "This is so strange that Kim chose to badmouth her sister at a prestigious venue like Harvard."

A third fan accused Kim of being jealous and green with envy, stating, "She ended up being jealous while trying to be funny." Kim Kardashian's remarks have ignited a wave of controversy, prompting discussions about sibling relationships and public image.

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