Kendall Jenner Faces Major Backlash for Rude Behavior at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

In a shocking turn of events, Kendall Jenner, renowned model and star of "The Kardashians," has found herself in hot water yet again.

A resurfaced video from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has ignited a firestorm of criticism, with fans accusing her of being dismissive and rude towards her admirers.

The controversial clip, which initially aired in the Victoria's Secret Hulu documentary "Angels And Demons," captures Kendall's interaction with fans backstage.

Dressed in a pink silk robe and seated in a makeup chair, the model initially appears friendly, engaging with a group of ecstatic fans while seemingly taking a selfie.

However, it is the sudden shift in Kendall's demeanor that has left viewers stunned. After posing for the camera, her once-pleasant expression transforms into a stoic one, with hints of eye-rolling.

The seven-second video quickly made its way onto Reddit, where users wasted no time in expressing their outrage.

"She's such a meanie b***h," one uploader proclaimed, reflecting the sentiments of many. Fans flocked to the comments section, sharing their own experiences and observations of Kendall's allegedly haughty behavior.

Others were equally disturbed by the drastic change in Kendall's demeanor. Some even questioned the authenticity of the clip, comparing it to an exaggerated skit from "Saturday Night Live."

As the backlash continues to mount, Kendall Jenner finds herself at the center of a storm of criticism. With accusations of arrogance and disdain towards her fans, questions are being raised about her true character and whether her public persona truly reflects who she is behind the scenes.

Will Kendall address these allegations and attempt to make amends, or will she continue to face the consequences of her actions? Only time will tell.

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