Post Malone's Legal Woes Escalate: Shocking Allegations of Abuse Surface

Credit: Post Malone/Instagram

In a stunning turn of events, American rapper Post Malone finds himself entangled once more with the Martorell Law firm, known for previously representing his ex-girlfriend, Ashlen Diaz, in a palimony case.

Palimony, the financial support paid to a partner after a non-marital split, takes a dark twist as new allegations emerge.

Radar Online has obtained confidential legal documents that suggest Post Malone may be facing serious allegations of physical abuse.

The lawyer representing Ashlen Diaz claims to possess damning evidence, including photos and text messages, that could potentially incriminate the chart-topping artist.

Malone and Diaz's tumultuous relationship spanned three years before their 2018 breakup. Following the split, Diaz sought the services of the Martorell Law firm to pursue palimony from her former partner, with an agreement in place to share a portion of any settlement with the firm.

However, the legal drama took a surprising twist when Malone reportedly convinced Diaz to drop the Martorell Law firm and work towards a private settlement. It's alleged that he paid his ex-girlfriend a hefty sum of $350,000 to put an end to her claims.

Now, the Martorell Law firm has retaliated by suing the former couple, alleging that they were cut out of potential commissions.

But the real bombshell in this unfolding saga is the lawyer's claim that they possess compelling evidence of physical abuse.

This shocking revelation could have far-reaching implications for Post Malone's legal battles and reputation.

As the legal battle intensifies, the music industry and fans alike will be watching closely to see how this high-profile case unfolds.

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