Royal Fans Express Mixed Opinions on Prince Harry's Reported Desire to Return to UK

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In a recent turn of events, royal enthusiasts have shared their thoughts regarding reports suggesting that the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is eager to return to what he considers "his home" in the United Kingdom, while Meghan Markle remains less inclined to do so.

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down as senior working royals in 2020, they have resided in the United States. Now, according to a report from the Daily Express UK, citing an unnamed source, Prince Harry is said to be longing for more frequent visits to his "home county," the UK. However, it appears that Meghan Markle does not share the same enthusiasm for such visits.

Reactions from royal fans have been mixed, with some expressing skepticism about Prince Harry's changing stance. One fan remarked, "He (Harry) has changed his mind again. He avoided the UK because he was not happy with security, now he wants to come back."

Another fan questioned the rationale behind Prince Harry's desire, stating, "So he stayed in a hotel and there were obviously no security issues, so what's his problem?"

A third fan urged Prince Harry to mature in his expectations, commenting, "Why does he expect his every wish should be catered for after what he has done? Time to grow up."

Some fans even suggested that Prince Harry might be better off remaining where he is. One remarked, "I think the majority of Brits think this entitled man-child would be better staying where he is."

Another fan brought up past events, saying, "Hard to believe Harry misses his family - he made no effort to visit them when he jumped over to the UK for self-promotion at the WellChild event. I think hotels are his best option. There are plenty of good hotels that other celebrities are happy to use."

Prince Harry's reported desire to return to the UK continues to fuel discussions and debates among royal watchers and fans, highlighting the complexities of his evolving relationship with his home country.

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