Blac Chyna Struggles Financially Amid Custody Battle with Tyga, Selling Personal Belongings to Make Ends Meet

Credit: Blac Chyna/Instagram

In a surprising revelation, former reality TV star Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renee White, has disclosed her financial difficulties as she battles for custody of her son with rapper Tyga. Chyna, 35, disclosed in court documents obtained by TMZ that she has resorted to selling her personal belongings, including clothes, purses, and shoes, to survive financially.

According to the documents, Chyna has earned over $178,000 this year by selling items through an online consignment store and to friends and family. However, she expressed concerns about the sustainability of this approach, fearing she will eventually run out of items to sell.

Chyna attributed part of her financial strain to the ongoing legal battle with Tyga over the custody of their son, King Cairo Stevenson. She claimed that Tyga's lack of financial support and interference in their limited time together have exacerbated her challenges. Chyna alleged that Tyga refuses to communicate directly, share contact information, or provide essential details about their son's well-being, including school and medical information.

Credit: Tyga/Instagram

Contrastingly, sources familiar with the situation disputed Chyna's claims, stating that Tyga has been financially supporting King, covering private school tuition, medical expenses, and daily living costs. The sources also mentioned that King has a direct line of communication with his mother.

Chyna is now seeking court orders to establish a consistent schedule with her son, free from Tyga's interference. Additionally, she is requesting Tyga to pay $125,000 to cover her legal and accounting fees. These revelations come after Chyna's mother, Tokyo Toni, accused Tyga of neglecting child support payments for over a decade, claiming that Chyna never sought financial assistance from him.

The custody battle continues, raising questions about the financial responsibilities of both parents and the well-being of young King Cairo Stevenson.

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