Lana Del Rey Responds to Accusations of Witchcraft with Witty Comeback

Credit: Lana Del Rey/Instagram

In response to accusations of practicing witchcraft during one of her concerts, Lana Del Rey swiftly defended herself against the claims made by social media personality Traci Coston. Coston alleged that Lana's music was infused with dark spells, inviting demons into the crowd and the listeners themselves.

Lana Del Rey, renowned for her hit song "Video Games," retorted with confidence, stating, "I know the Bible verse for verse better than you do." She added a humorous touch, remarking that Coston was emanating "super gremlin energy, not in a good way."

Traci Coston had initially posted a video on social media, showcasing scenes from Lana's concert where people fell down. She cautioned her followers, advising them to stay away from Lana, claiming that these supposed demons would bring destruction into their lives.

In response to Lana's witty comeback, Traci disabled the comments section on her post. Meanwhile, Lana's fans flooded social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), praising her for standing up against baseless accusations. One fan expressed relief, stating, "I'm glad she said something because TikTok theorists are annoying as heck," while another hailed Lana's response as "queen behavior."

Lana Del Rey's confident response not only debunked the accusations but also garnered support from her dedicated fanbase, showcasing her resilience amid unfounded rumors.

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