Victoria Beckham Opens Up About Husband David Beckham's Alleged Affair in 2003 in Revealing Netflix Documentary

Credit: Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Victoria Beckham, wife of renowned soccer star David Beckham, has candidly addressed the alleged love affair involving her husband back in 2003. In a recently released Netflix documentary, she shared her emotional journey during that challenging period in their marriage.

According to reports from Fox News, Victoria expressed her deep distress when her husband was accused of infidelity in 2003. Speaking about that time, she revealed, "It was the most unhappy I have ever been in my entire life. It felt like the world was against us, and it was the hardest period in our married life."

Despite the turmoil, Victoria emphasized their enduring bond, stating, "But we were together, we were connected, and we had each other."

The allegations in 2003 came from two women: David Beckham's former personal secretary, Rebecca, claimed a four-month relationship, while another woman named Sarah Marbeck alleged explicit text messages and a physical relationship with the soccer star.

At that time, David Beckham vehemently denied these claims, stating, "These are all ludicrous stories, and the simple truth is that I am happily married. I have a wonderful wife and two very special kids."

In the documentary, David Beckham expressed the value of his relationship with Victoria, affirming that their love was worth fighting for. The couple, who first met in 1997, has been married for over two decades, tying the knot in 1999. They share four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

This revealing documentary provides a glimpse into the challenges faced by the Beckhams and highlights the strength of their enduring marriage.

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