Billy Porter's Music Industry Exit: No Plans to Return After Céline Dion Records His Song

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Renowned actor and singer Billy Porter, known for his A-list status and influential fashion choices, recently opened up about the challenges he faced in the early days of his music career. In an interview with Vulture, Porter shared the "traumatizing" experiences he encountered while trying to establish himself as a musician in the 1990s.

Defeating Stereotypes and Industry Pressures

Porter, 54, explained that the music industry's pervasive homophobia made his journey particularly challenging. Recalling his time as a solo recording artist after winning Star Search in 1992 and simultaneously pursuing Broadway roles, Porter described the industry's emphasis on projecting a certain image. "It was all about the smoke and mirrors of trying to make the world think I was straight, that I was masculine enough to exist," he revealed.

Heartbreak as Céline Dion Records His Song

The Broadway star reached a breaking point when one of his original songs, "Love Is On the Way," was given to Céline Dion for The First Wives Club soundtrack in 1996. Porter expressed frustration, stating, "I did not come here to be a demo singer for f---ing Céline Dion! I’m done!" He clarified that his frustration wasn't directed at Dion but at the industry's oppressive systems.

Departure and Return to Music

Feeling disillusioned with the mainstream music industry, Porter decided to step away. He asserted, "If this is all the music business has to offer me, I’m done. She can have it, y’all can have it, I’m out." Despite this, after decades on Broadway and in TV, Porter has made a triumphant return to music with his new album, "Black Mona Lisa", released on Island Records UK and Republic Records.

Black Mona Lisa: A Celebration of Self-Worth

In a press release, Porter discussed the theme of his latest project, produced by Grammy-winning hitmaker Justin Tranter. The album, particularly the titular track "Black Mona Lisa," emphasizes recognizing one's worth and celebrating individuality. Porter stated, "Knowing your self-worth, your value, being able to stand firmly in your authentic self, those things are worth more than gold, and you will pay me as such."

The Black Mona Lisa Tour: Volume 1

To promote "Black Mona Lisa", Porter embarked on a 25-city nationwide tour, "The Black Mona Lisa Tour: Volume 1". The tour showcased his resilience, allowing him to make music on his own terms. As he humorously declared, "She free, bitch!"

Billy Porter's journey reflects not only personal triumph but also a powerful statement against the industry forces that once tried to mute his voice.

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