Arnold Schwarzenegger Turns Detainment into Comedy at Fundraiser Auction

Credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Instagram

Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to turn his recent detainment at Munich airport into a comedic spectacle at a fundraising event held on Thursday, January 18, at Stanglwirt Resort. The Hollywood icon poked fun at the incident during an auction where the very luxury watch that caused the commotion was up for grabs.

As he took the stage, Schwarzenegger thanked the crowd for the "wonderful introduction" and wasted no time addressing his detainment. "I mean, can you believe that all of a sudden I was in handcuffs?" he exclaimed in a video obtained by TMZ. The "Terminator" star then lightened the mood with a series of raunchy jokes, including one about a passionate night with his girlfriend Heather.

"Not because of the watch or because of the customs office, but I had a hot night with my girlfriend Heather last night," he quipped, eliciting laughter from the audience. Schwarzenegger continued with another risqué joke about a customs officer threatening handcuffs, playfully adding, "That's a great deal because I usually paid $500 for that."

The 76-year-old actor shared his wild experience of trying to bring a "very special watch" into the country, revealing that customs even searched for a second watch they never found. With a smirk, he teased about hiding it, saying, "I can't tell you where because I just cannot sit down today."

The auction featured the $100,000 Audemars Piguet watch, which eventually sold for a whopping 270,000 euros or $293k. The entire fundraiser raised 1.3 million euros, all dedicated to Arnold's Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

Arnold's detainment at Munich airport was prompted by his failure to declare the luxury watch. Addressing the incident to German newspaper Bild, he remarked, "You can no longer see the forest for the trees." Munich Customs press officer Thomas Meister clarified that the process applies to everyone, emphasizing the importance of declaring items imported from non-EU countries.

Despite the initial confusion and what a source described as a "total comedy of errors," Schwarzenegger reportedly cooperated throughout the process. He agreed to pre-pay potential taxes on the item, leading to an unexpected adventure when officers struggled with a credit card machine. The ordeal included a visit to an ATM with a low withdrawal limit and a closed bank, adding an extra layer of absurdity to the unfolding comedy.

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