Lizzo Opens Up About Struggles and Triumphs Amidst Trust Issues and Career Demands

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

In a candid social media post, pop sensation Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Jefferson, has revealed her ongoing battle with "trust issues with the world." The 35-year-old artist, boasting over 12 million Instagram followers, took to the platform to share insights into her recent endeavors, acknowledging the challenges she's faced in multiple aspects of her life.

"Hi. I'm working... on music, myself, relationships with people and food, my anxiety, my body, my business, andq my trust issues with the world.. but they are deep now, deeper than they've ever been. Xoxo (sic)," Lizzo expressed alongside a mirror selfie.

This revelation comes amid Lizzo's commitment to both her music and physical well-being. Earlier this year, the "Truth Hurts" hitmaker confessed to intensifying her exercise routine due to the demands of her high-energy stage performances. Lizzo, known for her dynamic shows that include singing, dancing, rapping, and even playing the flute, highlighted the physical endurance required for her 90-minute sets.

"I have a very high-performance job. For 90 minutes a night, I have to do choreography, I have to sing, I have to dance, I have to rap, and I have to play the flute. And I have to emote, and hype a crowd in very tight clothes, sometimes clothes where it restricts my breathing," she shared on TikTok.

While Lizzo loves connecting with her fans through performances, she acknowledged the necessity of maintaining a good level of fitness for the rigorous demands of her career. Reflecting on her evolution, she stated, "It's fun. I love my job. It takes a lot of physical endurance to do what I do, and I used to be very rockstar lifestyle, used to throw myself around on the stage. As I got more professional in my career, I started to take the physical part more seriously."

As Lizzo opens up about her journey, fans remain supportive, cheering on the artist as she navigates the complexities of trust, self-discovery, and the physical challenges that come with being a music icon.

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