Paris Hilton and Carter Reum's Heartwarming Surprise: Toddler Phoenix Becomes Big Brother in Adorable TikTok Reveal as Couple Welcomes Daughter London!

Credit: Paris Hilton/Instagram

In a heartwarming surprise for fans, Paris Hilton shared a delightful video on TikTok capturing the moment she and husband Carter Reum disclosed to their almost 11-month-old son Phoenix that he was about to become a big brother. The 42-year-old heiress and her husband, also 42, welcomed their second child, a daughter named London, born through a surrogate.

The video features Paris and Carter seated on a couch as they break the news to Phoenix. The toddler, engrossed in playing with iridescent and pink rolls of paper, seems initially indifferent to the revelation. Carter's voiceover playfully sets the stage for the announcement: "Phoenix, we're about to surprise everyone and tell them that you have a sister." Despite the excitement in the air, Phoenix remains absorbed in his colorful play.

As Carter continues to express his love for Phoenix, he outlines the only rule of the "Cutesie Crew" – a term used by the family. "Remember, the only rule of the Cutesie Crew is that we all have to be good human beings. Deal?" he says, capturing Phoenix's attention. The promise of playing with pink and holographic items all day seems to seal the deal for the young soon-to-be big brother.

Paris chimes in with a cheerful "Yay," echoing the joy of the moment. The video paints a heartwarming picture of the Hilton-Reum family's special announcement.

This surprise comes just days before Paris Hilton and Carter Reum officially introduced their daughter, London, to the world on Thanksgiving. Paris shared the happy news through an Instagram post featuring a pink baby outfit with the name "London," offering fans a glimpse into their celebration of gratitude. "Thankful for my baby girl," Paris expressed in the caption, embracing the joy of expanding her family this holiday season.

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