Whoopi Goldberg Criticizes Millennials for Allegedly Wanting Shorter Work Hours

Credit: Whoopi Goldberg/Instagram

In a recent interview, Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg, who celebrated her 68th birthday on November 13th, took aim at millennials, accusing them of having a lackadaisical work ethic.

Goldberg expressed her frustration, stating, "Every generation comes and wants to do better than their parents did, but I am sorry, if you only want to work four hours, it is going to be harder for you to get a house."

Dismissing the notion that it's more challenging for younger individuals to enter the property market, she emphasized the hard work put in by previous generations, asserting, "We busted our behinds, we had to because we didn’t have the opportunities."

Addressing the generational struggles, Goldberg added, "Every generation is told they are going to do worse than their parents, people pick it up and do what they do and they raise themselves. And this is what you've got to do. It is called being a good citizen."

Goldberg's comments come in the wake of several studies released this year highlighting the difficulties millennials face in homeownership compared to previous generations. Despite these challenges, the actress, with an estimated net worth of $60 million, remains firm in her belief that a strong work ethic is essential for success.

As debates on generational differences persist, Goldberg's remarks add fuel to the ongoing discussion surrounding work ethics, opportunities, and the evolving landscape of achieving homeownership in the modern era.

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