Kim Kardashian Discusses the Challenges of Finding Love and Her Ideal Age for Dating on 'The Kardashians'

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Reality TV icon Kim Kardashian recently delved into the topic of love and relationships during the latest episode of her show "The Kardashians." Kim, who has been in the spotlight for her high-profile romantic endeavors, opened up about her experiences and preferences.

In the episode, Kim was seen having a conversation with her friends in London while gearing up for an Arsenal F.C. game. Her friends playfully teased her about the possibility of meeting "cute guys" at the game. To this, Kim responded with a lighthearted comment, saying, "I have age limits, guys. I need just a little more age-appropriate. I need [someone in their] 40's."

This statement seemed to allude to Kim's previous relationships with younger partners, including Pete Davidson, with whom she had a notable 13-year age difference. The remark also hinted at her recent involvement with Odell Beckham Jr., where the age gap garnered attention.

Kim Kardashian also addressed the common perception of "desperation" associated with single women trying to find love. She shared her experiences of friends attempting to set her up with potential partners, emphasizing that she is not seeking casual hookups.

In a confessional interview, Kim expressed her willingness to embrace her single status, saying, "When you're single and all your friends are married, it's like you have desperation on your face, and everyone under the sun wants to hook you up with someone." She concluded by affirming her contentment with being on her own for a while, confident that the right relationship would come along in due time.

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