Alarming 'Arriba' Cartel Video Involving YouTuber Markitos Toys Goes Viral

Credit: Markitos Toys/Instagram

In November 2023, a shocking video titled "Arriba Markitos Toys" surfaced on Twitter, implicating Mexican YouTube sensation Markitos Toys in a crime linked to the notorious Sinaloa drug cartel.

The Viral Video

The disturbing video, initially posted by the Mexican website "Blog Del Narco," depicts heinous criminal activity allegedly committed by members of a Mexico-based drug cartel. The victims' identities and the date of the recording remain unknown, fueling speculation and concern.

Markitos Toys' Connection to El Nini

Markitos Toys, whose real name is Marcos Eduardo Castro, faces scrutiny over his close ties to Nestor Isidro Pérez Salas, also known as El Nini. El Nini, the security chief for the "Chapitos" wing of the Sinaloa drug cartel, was arrested on November 22, 2023, further intensifying suspicions surrounding Markitos.

Credit: Markitos Toys/Instagram

Video Details and Allegations

The one-and-a-half-minute video features a conversation between criminals and bound victims, during which Markitos Toys' name is mentioned. The dialogue raises suspicions about potential links between the YouTuber and the involved cartel members.

Markitos Toys' Response

In response to the allegations and El Nini's arrest, Markitos Toys released a tearful video denying any involvement in criminal activities. He acknowledged his friendship with El Nini but insisted he was neither an employee nor involved in illegal actions.

Unconvincing Denials

Despite Markitos Toys' emotional plea, skepticism lingers among social media users. An alleged official document identified him as the financial operator of El Nini, casting doubt on the YouTuber's claims of innocence.

Social Media Reactions

Social media users expressed doubt over Markitos Toys' tearful performance, suggesting ulterior motives and questioning the authenticity of his denials. The online discourse reflects a mix of skepticism and speculation regarding the YouTuber's involvement with the Sinaloa drug cartel.

As the "Arriba Markitos Toys" video continues to circulate, investigations into the YouTuber's connections and the criminal activities depicted in the footage are ongoing. The unfolding events underscore the complex intersection of social media, celebrity influence, and criminal affiliations in contemporary society.

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