Charlie Puth Dubs Wedding Planning 'More Intense' Than Touring, Reveals Unique Birthday Gift from Fiancée

Credit: Charlie Puth/Instagram

Pop sensation Charlie Puth has admitted that planning his upcoming wedding has proven to be more overwhelming than his experiences on tour. The 32-year-old singer, known for hits like "We Don't Talk Anymore" and "Light Switch," recently got engaged to his longtime friend Brooke Sansone.

While keeping the details of the impending nuptials under wraps, Puth expressed his sentiments on the wedding preparations, likening them to the intricate planning involved in gearing up for a concert tour. Speaking to People magazine, he disclosed, "Planning a wedding is a lot like planning a tour. It's probably even more intense."

Puth and Sansone's romantic journey dates back to the summer of 2022, but their connection goes beyond that. Having been friends for several years, the singer emphasized the familial bond they share, saying, "I've known her. She grew up one town over from me in New Jersey, and my parents know her parents."

Highlighting the close ties between their families, Puth added, "Her dad has been best friends with my dad since the third grade, so it's kind of like I'm just gaining another family right away, even before the wedding."

Celebrating his 32nd birthday on December 2nd, Puth praised his fiancée for the thoughtful gift she presented him. Sansone went above and beyond, surprising the singer with an Apple computer, an Apple 2 from 1991, complete with recording software from that era. Puth expressed his excitement, calling it the "coolest present ever."

However, in good humor, Puth acknowledged the challenge of matching such a unique gift for Sansone's birthday, joking, "Now I've got to top it for her birthday."

As fans eagerly await more details about Charlie Puth's wedding, it seems the singer is not only hitting the high notes on stage but also navigating the harmonies of wedding planning with equal enthusiasm and dedication.

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