Lizzo's Legal Battle Takes a Turn as Privacy Concerns Emerge

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

In an ongoing harassment case, Lizzo finds herself in a legal tussle with three former dancers. Seeking to safeguard sensitive information, the Detroit rap star urges the court to keep certain filings under wraps.

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Documents obtained by RadarOnline reveal Lizzo's plea, citing the inclusion of "sensitive, confidential information and/or proprietary business details" in the contested filings. This encompasses employee compensation, contract negotiations, and third-party contacts.

The 35-year-old's legal representative emphasizes the need to seal these records, stating, "to avoid any harm to the parties through their public disclosure." Lizzo's lawyer argues that these documents contain crucial information that, if exposed, could potentially harm their client and third parties involved.

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Lizzo, known for hits like "Juice," asserts that this measure aims to "protect their interests in the privacy of confidential business information and to protect sensitive, confidential information related to third parties."

As the judge weighs the request for confidentiality, the harassment case unfolds with the former dancers accusing Lizzo of creating discomfort during explicit shows in Europe. The outcome of this legal maneuver remains pending as the public awaits further developments.

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